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Save 6% on all orders. Code: NOV6

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What is the Difference Between High and Low Level Toilets?

5 November 2018

Cassellie low level toiletTraditional toilets based on Victorian or Edwardian designs are a great style choice. The classic look means they will not date and the elegant features make a bold statement.

Traditional toilets are differentiated from the usual close-coupled design by having an exposed pipe connecting the cistern mounted on the wall to the toilet pan on the floor. Close-coupled toilets have the cistern sitting on top of the toilet pan, with no exposed piping. Traditional toilets are further split into high and low style toilets.

For high level toilets the cistern is placed higher up on the wall, near the ceiling, with a chain pull flush. By mounting the cistern on stylish brackets which can be admired from below, and using a traditional handle on a chain the style can be enhanced.

5 Tips to Help you Choose a Toilet and Basin for your Cloakroom

9 October 2018

Combined toilet and basin

While the cloakroom might be the smallest room in the house, that’s no reason to forsake style and comfort in your fittings and furnishings.

Here are five handy tips for choosing the ideal toilet and basin for your cloakroom.

Think big, choose small

Furnishing your cloakroom is all about maximising space. There are a range of small basins and toilets specifically designed with the smaller cloakroom in mind. Just a few fewer inches per side compared to their larger counterparts can make all the difference.

Back to wall toilets

Much of the space taken up by a traditional toilet is due to the cistern. With a back to wall toilet, the cistern is concealed. The only thing left is a flush panel, saving you considerable space.

Wall hung toilets

Why not go even further with a wall hung toilet? Not only do these models have a concealed cistern, but the toilet itself is mounted to the wall rather than the floor. It requires less space for installation and can save precious inches in a small cloakroom.