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Why Corner Baths are a Great Choice for Small Bathrooms

7 January 2019

Corner bath round

When you live in a property with a smaller than average bathroom, maximising the space available becomes all important in terms of design. With that in mind, corner baths are the ideal solution when planning the ideal smaller bathroom.

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Use less floor space

While popular in smaller bathrooms for obvious reasons, taking up less floor space is an attractive quality for any bath to have, regardless of the room it occupies. Being designed as a shorter bath to fit in the corner, these bath fixtures take up even less floor space than you’d expect. First, you have the length, but then you also have the outer corner which is often curved, foreshortening the bath itself and opening up more space in the centre of the bathroom.

Use less wall space

Fitted snugly into the corner and often half the length of a free-standing or regular rectangular bath, corner baths leave large areas of wall space free for other purposes.

Whether a mirror, a heated towel rack, or a vanity unit, this is all extra functionality for the room that you may not have thought possible thanks to its size.

Transform Your Toilet with a Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

3 December 2018

Cassellie Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

Popular in Japan since the early 1980s, integrated bidet and toilet systems are very much a part of modern Japanese culture. These advanced bathroom fixtures have a number of cleansing apparatuses built into their design that allow for thorough cleaning without the need for paper, wipes, or touching.

While a cultural phenomenon in Japan, these combined bidets and toilets have recently been growing interest UK, and the Smart Bidet Toilet Seat from Cassellie offers a fantastic option for those keen to try a smart toilet.

Rather than being fully-integrated into the toilet pan itself, the Smart Bidet Toilet Seat is a replacement for your existing toilet seat, only equipped with a number of accessories to allow for the ultimate in cleansing:


With discreet water jets at the front and the rear, the Smart Bidet Toilet Seat can clean all your intimate areas with a gentle jet of warm water. Once this is done, fans will kick in, allowing you to dry yourself fully.


The seat also has a number of added benefits to make the most of your toilet experience. These include a heated toilet seat, a deodoriser, a pulsating massage function, and LED and night lights to make it easier to see in the dark.